Back on board with Hemifran

I am excited to announce my new album LIFEBOAT will be represented in Europe by Hemifran. This is my second time working with this company and they are awesome! The music truly comes first and they have represented some…Read more

LIFEBOAT Official Cd Release

The official release of LIFEBOAT is Wednesday, Sept. 21st -6pm on the patio of The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC.

LIFEBOAT is my 11th self-released full-length album. On this collection of songs, I play a number of instruments including guitars…Read more

How do you get yours?....

First of all, if you are reading this, thank you for being here. Second, any and all feedback on the following subject is appreciated..... Here is the question(s).... How do you get your music? How do you listen to music…Read more

Rooted Collection


Many thanks to Lucas Cipkowski for recent filming of a couple of my songs for a video series called Rooted Collection. It is a series that features Asheville and WNC regional artists. Also thanks to The Grey Eagle for hosting…

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The Ointment Appointment (a side project)

Friends.... Andy, Josh, and myself have a musical side project we have started. This project is completely different from what we normally do as a folkrock/americana/singer-songwriter trio. This band is in it's infancy, however if we are not careful, we…Read more

'More Real Bio'

On the Bio page of this website I have added a 'more real bio' to share in addition to my standard artist bio. It is a glimpse beyond the normal bio and is intended to be a bit more real…Read more

Official video for Stretch

Dave Desmelik - Stretch - copyright 2014 (BMI) from the album 'We Don't Want A Dying Flame' -
Filmed and edited by Tommy Wakefield -

The basis of this song is belief in hope. The thought that a…Read more

'Old News'

'Old News' is my 10th self-released, full-length album to date. I am very happy to announce the official release date is scheduled for -6pm on Wednesday, July 1st at The Grey Eagle Music Hall in Asheville, NC. This will…Read more

Just My Two Cents....

When you eat real vegetables grown with love and care and not produced for the masses.... your mind, body, and spirit may thank you for it.
When you drink real beer brewed with love and care and not made for…Read more

On Board With Hemifran

I am happy to announce I will be working with Hemifran for promotion in Europe of my new album
"We Don't Want A Dying Flame"

Hemifrån is an independent A&R, promotion and marketing company, based in the heart of…Read more