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The Calendar Album

Dave Desmelik

A seasoned veteran of recording and performing, Dave Desmelik is a singer/songwriter and instrumentalist based in Brevard, NC USA. The Calendar Album is his 15th release of all original material.

Desmelik states, "In 2013, I wrote a song a month about that month and what it meant to me. Something personal, a passing thought, an observation. The result became The Calendar Album. This recording and release has finally come to pass and I'm excited to share these songs years after writing them."

Desmelik is responsible for all the arrangements, vocals, and instrumentation. His good friend and fellow musician David Philips (davidphilips.net) in Barcelona, Spain also contributed extraordinary electric guitar on songs 1, 7, 8, and 12. Dave Desmelik is a journeyman songsmith and The Calendar Album is a collection of 12 songs that capture the genuine sentiments of day to day, month to month, and year to year life.

Through music we are all connected.

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Album #16 'Clues Of My Existence' coming soon... 

I will be releasing in the near future my 16th album of all original material. This collection of songs is titled 'Clues Of My Existence'. I am proud of these songs and I am proud of the players and the process it took to bring this project into the light of day. The entire album was written and recorded remotely through file sharing technology during 2020 and 2021. Admittedly, it was very strange to not be together in a studio with other musicians during the recording process. This is all 'new' to me as I am a dinosaur and never imagined recording an album with friends in various parts of the country and world simply through computer files. More info on this soon and I look forward to sharing new tunes with you... Stay tuned.

My YouTube Channel 

I have a YouTube channel. I've been making some videos of my songs and sharing. There are also some videos that other people have made of my songs on YouTube. And there is some random footage of live material and performances from me on YouTube as well.

Here is my YouTube Channel... I hope you'll subscribe and we can all share in this crazy thing called the inter-webs... https://www.youtube.com/user/davedezmo

December Video Release 

I'm excited to share this video of my song December from The Calendar Album.

It is but a brief glimpse into the musings of the 12th month of the year.... 

7' Vinyl Single is Here! 

My newest recording The Calendar Album will be released January 1st, 2021 and will be my 15th independent project of all original material. Here is the single leading up to the release... a 7"(45 rpm) vinyl record available now... Side A - January and Side B - December. There were only 25 made and they are going fast. Each purchase ($20) also includes a free digital download code for the entire Calendar Album available 1/01/21 and shipping in the lower 48 states. If you are interested in supporting then please contact me dave_desmelik@hotmail.com for info on how to get yours . 

Thank you for supporting independent and original music.

The Calendar Album - Original Cover Drawing by James Cassara 

I have been working hard on my latest recording project 'The Calendar Album'. Here is an image of the official cover... Original drawing by James Cassara.  James is a good friend with a kind soul. I met James years ago when he was the Art Teacher at Claxton Elementary School and I have enjoyed his work ever since. Thank you James! More to come soon... in the meantime the scheduled release date for this album is Jan. 1st, 2021... STAY TUNED!

The Calendar Album 

In 2013 I wrote a song a month about that particular month.... a passing thought, a personal experience, an observation relating to whichever month I was writing about.... 12 songs - 12 months... The Calendar Album... Well, this project kept getting pushed back and never got recorded... until now. With COVID-19 everything has slowed down, gigs cancelled and lots of time at home with the family. I have taken this opportunity to finally record this project and I'm excited to let you know it will be released in due time. More to come - stay tuned - and stay safe.

Video for 'The Rise and Fall of Water' 

I am pleased to share this new video for my song 'The Rise and Fall of Water'. This short tune is from my most recent album titled 'Instrumental Conversations' and joining me on this song is Kate Kinney Barber on flute and Madeline Dierauf on fiddle. I was mulling over the best way to make a video. I wanted to go in a bit of a different direction from a "standard" video and was thinking on the best approach to stay true to the song while also pushing the bounds of visual accompaniment. My first thought was to contact my friend Jimmy McGuirl. Jimmy is a true artist in more ways than one. He writes songs, plays guitar and makes engaging and creative videos. I contacted Jimmy and gave him a couple of my thoughts about this song and possible video to go with it, but I was clear that I wanted him to steer the ship. He agreed to make a video and I let him take over from there. I am quite happy with the result. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do. Thank you dear listener of music and supporter of the arts.

New album - Instrumental Conversations - 

I am happy to announce the official release of my new album Instrumental Conversations. As the title suggests, this is a recording of all instrumental tunes that I wrote. It is a heartfelt and sincere collection of 16 songs intended to be listened to with an attentive or distant ear. Instrumental Conversations is my second all instrumental album and my 14th independent release. I am responsible for the arrangements, field recordings and instrumentation of all the songs, with help from Madeline Dierauf on fiddle (1, 10, 16), Josh Carter on mandolin (2, 15), and Kate Kinney Barber on flute (4, 7, 13, 16). Recorded and mixed in Penrose, NC by yours truly and mastered in Flagstaff, AZ by Tim Hogan. Thank you dear listener and I hope you will have a listen... You can find this album on digital platforms including here https://davedesmelik.bandcamp.com/album/instrumental-conversations