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Clues of My Existence (2022)
The Calendar Album (2021)Instrumental Conversations (2020)
Childhood Battles (2018)                         Where It Takes Us (2017)
Dave Desmelik with an Army of Love                Nolan McKelvey & Dave Desmelik
                          LIFEBOAT (2016)                Old News (2015)      We Don't Want A Dying Flame (2014)

    Instrumental Swim (2013)     Deep Down The Definition (2011)   Onlooker (2009)

Unheard Of (2007)     When Your Eyes Are Closed (2005)     Afterthoughts (2003)

Have Another (2001)               Move On (1999)

Onus B Johnson                 Onus B Johnson
                  Box Of Moonlight (2000)      Johnson Family Jewels (1998)


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